Atlanta Dining Out Passbook

If you are looking for a gift for a foodie or are a foodie yourself looking for a gift from me to me….. THIS IS IT. This is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year for cheap food in Atlanta. I am amazed when I talk to friends who are foodies and they have not heard of the Atlanta Dining Out Passbook. The 2020-21 edition includes 150+ local spots with over 80 places that are available for takeout. Each week there is also a Big F’n Deal in addition to those locations in the book. The general discount with the book is buy one entrée, get one free, but some locations offer different deals.

The deals are spread out all over Atlanta and the surrounding areas. This book is a great way to try out new spots or visit your tried and true favorites at a discount. The restaurant business has taken a hit this year so be sure to tip on the price pre-discount and try out some additional appetizers, desserts and drinks while you are there.

Some of my favorites spots in the Dining Out Passbook that are back from previous years are:


You will find delicious southwestern food with a southern twist at this spot located in Cabbagetown. My go to order is fried chicken and a margarita. They do not mess around with the margaritas here. They are strong and delicious.


This Midtown spot has the cutest patio overlooking Piedmont Ave and is perfect for brunch or dinner. My favorite two things on the menu are the lasagna and tiramisu. This is arguably the best lasagna I’ve had in Atlanta.

Freight Kitchen

If you have never been to Downtown Woodstock you need to go and while you are there you should grab a bite at Freight Kitchen & Tap. This local farm to table spot has some delicious southern fare. The chicken fried chicken is so delicious with garlicky mashed potatoes and bacon collard greens. It is most definitely a treat.

Hearth Pizza Tavern

The oven fired pizzas at Hearth in Sandy Springs are great and you can get a small which is the perfect size for one. The mussels are also delicious here.


There are a couple wineries in the book, but being at Montaluce feels like you could be in Tuscany. They have a great outdoor area with views of the vineyard. It is a beautiful getaway for the day in Dahlonega.

Park Tavern

This Midtown spot is perfect for a bite after strolling Piedmont Park. The patio is large and dog friendly plus they have an ice skating rink during the winter months.


Tabla is my favorite Indian restaurant in Midtown and is consistently good no matter what you order. I personally love the butter chicken and biryani.

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