30 Before 30

I have started various 30 Before 30 lists over the years. I remember starting to make one when I was 25 but 30 seemed pretty far off at the time and then whenever I thought of something I wanted to do I might add to a list but I never really consolidated. This year I turned 29 in January. I was watching Chelsea Olivia’s stories around that time and she was talking about having a goal to visit 29 new places while 29. I thought this was totally awesome and decided I wanted to do the same!

One of my friends then challenged me to create a 20 in 20 list for this year which was a lot of fun for me. I decided to take this one step further. When I turned 29 a few weeks ago and it had me reflecting on what I wanted to accomplish in this last year of my twenties so I decided I should work on “final” 30 before 30 list. I would like to get all of these done this year but even if I don’t I think it is a good exercise to at least begin building and working towards the things I want to accomplish. 

There have been various studies done that show that writing down goals increases the odds of accomplishing them. Additionally, making them known to others increases those odds even more because you are held more accountable. Whether you are turning 30 or any other age it is a good practice to write down your goals and dreams.

Here is my 30 before 30.

  1. Visit 29 new places // Totally was inspired by Chelsea Olivia. I do love to travel and explore new places but I find that I often return to the same spots. This is a way to push myself to visit new places.

  2. Read 52 books // Each year I give myself a reading goal. Now that I have started listening to more audiobooks I can get more books in. Last year my goal was 30 and I surpassed that so why not go big with a book a week.

  3. Complete a half marathon // I HATE running. I am definitely not fast and usually sounds like someone punched me in the gut because I breathe so loud but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Right? Or so they say. Plus runner’s high is a real thing and I feel good after the fact.

  4. Start my own company // This is something I have wanted to do for years but never have made the time for it. 

  5. Visit Machu Picchu // I have always been fascinated by the Inca civilization and have had this at the top of my bucket list for years!

  6. Go to a broadway show in NYC // I have been to broadway shows on tour (loved Aladdin in Atlanta!) but have never been to one in NYC. I feel like it is something I must do!

  7. Take golf lessons // I actually started taking golf lessons last year but didn’t keep up with it. This is something I want to pick up again. It is a good hobby to do alone or with others.

  8. Go skiing // I have never been skiing! The one time I went on a trip for this purpose it ended up being unseasonably warm (in the 60s) so I didn’t end up skiing.

  9. Visit a national park // I love being outdoors and really feel like I need to see some of the sites that we have in the USA. I am always inspired to travel abroad in search of adventure but realize there is so much to be seen in my own backyard.

  10. Cook more new, random recipes // I love to cook but often find myself gravitating towards the same recipes. This year I want to be more adventurous with what I cook. Thai and Indian cuisine are definitely on my list of things I want to attempt!

  11. Send out more snail mail // Who doesn’t love getting something in the mail just because? Definitely better than a stack of junk mail and bills.

  12. Complete a Whole 30 // I LOVE following Whole30 bloggers and honestly try to follow a pretty clean diet overall. I started doing one in grad school and lasted 10 days but all over the social activities/recruiting made it super hard for me. This time I want to do the entire 30 days and follow the reintroduction period.

  13. Plan a 30th birthday trip // Any reason to plan a trip, right? But you know why not…

  14. Volunteer more – find a cause // I am currently a member of a volunteer organization but I want to find a community organization to get more involved in.

  15. Visit Austin // People always tell me that I would love living in Austin and that it is my type of city. I think I need to go visit to see what they mean!

  16. Join a board // Similar to the above I want to find a board to site on.

  17. Make a better effort to keep up with friends and family // This is something that is easy to forget to do given how busy everyone is but I want to make an effort to reach out more often.

  18. Visit Medellin // I am actually Colombian but have never been to Medellin. I am excited to see the city, nightlife and of course the food scene which is supposed to be amazing.

  19. Publish a piece of thought leadership // There are few topics I am extremely interested in when it comes to my work life in consulting. Those are sustainability + corporate social responsibility and digital trends. I would like to become a thought leader in my work.

  20. Become a certified fitness instructor // I love working out, especially attending group fitness classes. I feel like it would be awesome to be able to teach some classes plus why not get paid for something you are already doing?!

  21. Get a new job // I honestly feel like I’m stuck in a rut with my job and that it is no longer fulfilling. I am hunting for a role that makes me excited.

  22. Plan a girl’s trip // I always love to do a girl’s trip every year!

  23. Get more involved in alumni clubs // Both my undergraduate and graduate schools have active clubs in my city so I really want to build my network and connect with others in these organizations.

  24. Visit Mexico City // CDMX is super high on my travel list. It is easy to get there and I have watched so many stories on Instagram from friends who have visited.

  25. Regularly meditate // I have been using Headspace for a while which I love but recently I have struggled with being consistent. It used to be part of my morning routine and I really want to get back to this.

  26. Visit Central America // I have never been to Central America so this would be a new one for me.

  27. Purge my life of unnecessary things and people // Honestly I have found that I have so much random stuff that I really don’t need. I am making a conscious effort to do some purging in my life and also limit my purchases.

  28. Create a solid financial plan // I try to save around 20% of my paycheck along with other investments such as stock options, 401k and HSA. Sometimes though I feel like there is no real rhyme or reason. This year I want to work with someone to create some solid goals and have a true plan.

  29. Go glamping // There are some awesome glamping sites I’ve been wanting to check out in North Georgia and Tennessee. Fun fact: I have never been camping in general.

  30. Learn how to sew // This is something that I think I need to at least learn the basics. My family always gives me a hard time because I can’t put a button back on clothing or fix a small hole. These

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